Trash Enclosures for Cities

Beautifying public spaces, one trash bag at a time

NYU/Union Square Partnership -- CITIBINs help manage NYU's student-resident waste and keep Union Square looking great.
Times Square
Times Square Alliance -- The CITIBIN get trash off the sidewalks and streets, making it easier for pedestrians, shoppers, and tourists to walk and enjoy the district.
Downtown Alliance
Downtown Alliance -- Keeping trash off of sidewalks and corners
bay ridge
Bay Ridge -- We offered a better alternative to the corner basket. The "open top" bin is for disposal, alongside a stationary-top bin for collection ("collection-storage combo").
Pitkin BID (Brownsville) -- Keeping Pitkin clean to attract more business and improve quality of life.
Montague BID (Brooklyn Heights) -- We removed the mountains of white bags that accumulate on the corners of Montague St.
Bronx 3rd Ave
Third Ave BID (Bronx) -- Beautification, rodent-control
Hoboken BID (New Jersey) -- CITIBIN provides containerization for local businesses, reducing sanitation fines.
Jamaica Ave
Jamaica Ave BID (Queens) -- We provided local businesses with bins to help them manage their trash and improve the area's overall cleanliness.
Lincoln Square
Lincoln Square BID (NY)-- Keeping trash off of sidewalks and corners.
staten island
Staten Island BID -- CITIBIN provides local businesses with bins to help them manage their trash and improve the area's overall cleanliness.
45th street
45th Street -- CITIBIN provides residential area with bins to help them manage their trash and improve the area's overall cleanliness.
downtown metrotech
Downtown Brooklyn/MetroTech -- Beautification, rodent-control, improving business and economic conditions.
church ave
Church Ave -- CITIBIN keeps trash off of sidewalks and corners.
hudson square
Hudson Square -- CITIBIN keeps trash off of sidewalks and corners.
corona plaza
Corona Plaza -- CITIBIN provides much-needed trash management to street vendors.
bogardus plaza
Bogardus Plaza -- CITIBIN provides much-needed trash management to street vendors.

CITIBIN made it in Times Square and can make it anywhere.

CITIBIN's first installation for New York City was in Times Square. With over 360,000 visitors per day, thousands of trash bags, and countless rats, CITIBIN was put to the test.  Result:  no more sidewalk trash, no more all-you-can-eat buffet for rats.  Our trash enclosures have since been installed in 18 NYC Business Improvement Districts, Hoboken, and Philadelphia, with more cities on the way.  

Beautifying commercial corridors

"Who wants to walk down Main Street with trash everywhere? Now it's in a bin instead of on the sidewalk, which the neighborhood notices and appreciates." 
-Tiera Mack, Executive Director, Pitkin Avenue BID


Our trash credentials

CITIBIN has been designing, manufacturing, and installing trash enclosures for a decade.  Given the huge demand from cities, we worked closely with sanitation workers to adapt the product for municipal use.  CITIBINs are durable for use by sanitation workers, for long term outdoor use, fully enclosed, rat-proof, lockable, and non-flammable. Bonus option: matching planters.

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Prefab and ready-to-install

CITIBIN started with custom-built enclosures in the founder's backyard. As the business grew, we switched to prefabricated, modular bins that are ready-to-assemble and ship nationwide.  Whether you need a "2-module" or a "7-module," for compost or for trash, CITIBIN is prefab and modular, sort of like Califormia Closets except made with high-grade materials.



How do we know that CITIBIN is rat-proof? First, no customers have ever complained about rats after they were installed. Second, we tested the impregnability by baiting CITIBINs with sausage pizza in a rat-infested alley in New York City to see if they could break in.  They didn't, and we made a video about the experiment. Have a watch!

"Montague is a beautiful tree lined street, it is great to get the trash bags off the street and into rodent proof beautiful containers. CITIBIN met all of the Clean Curbs requirements and the team was a pleasure to work with." Montague BID

It's easy to get you an estimate, even if it's for future reference

The process is simple and we do the heavy lifting! If in NYC, we will do a site visit.  If not, we Zoom. It's helpful if you share pictures of the trash problem.  We'll create an estimate that is easy to share with the "decision makers" -- before and after renderings, pricing, and pictures of the bins installed in other cities.  

Group Purchase Option

Ask about our Group Purchase Option, when multiple BIDs purchase at the same time to receive a deeper discount.


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